Employer Disability Practices Center

Employer Disability
Practices Center

Employer Disability
Practices Center

Research to positively impact employee-employer trust and employment outcomes for workers with disabilities, employers, and research organizations.

Person with disability working with coworkers in office

Employer Disability Practices Center

Research to positively impact employee-employer trust and employment outcomes for workers with disabilities, employers, and research organizations.

Disability Employment Research for All

The Rutgers Employer Disability Practices Center conducts research to examine the efficacy and scalability of employer practices to create positive employment outcomes for workers with disabilities. A multi-disciplinary team of researchers across multiple universities and the National Organization on Disability will conduct rigorous studies across five focused projects.

The findings will provide diverse individuals with disabilities and their employers access to practical, timely, and effective knowledge to explore alternative paths to employment and career advancement. The knowledge generated from this research will be useful to employers, policy makers, employment service providers, researchers, and those entering the labor market.

Our Projects

Worker in wheelchair operating machinery. Employee lifecycle for people with disabilities

Understanding what policies and practices employers currently have in place for employees with disabilities, and how employees perceive the climate and culture of their workplace.

Person with disability having conversation with coworkers. Building trust with workers with disabilities.

Exploring how job seekers and current employees with and without disabilities react to company leadership statements on the topic of diversity and inclusion, as well as to exposure to practical disability hiring and inclusion policies.

People using sign language to communicate over video call. Workplace accommodations for people with disabilities.

Evidence to scale and replicate the efficacy of employee and supervisor-focused interventions to improve employment outcomes of workers with disabilities through accomodations.

Business owner working with worker with developmental disability. Small business practices to hire people with disabilities.

Best practices and frameworks to help small and medium-sized businesses hire, retain, accommodate, and support workers with disabilities.

Diverse group of healthcare professionals. Employer practices in healthcare for working with people with disabilities.

Surveys and interviews with healthcare workers with and without disabilities to assess their experiences with employer practices related to disability. 


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Our toolkits for employers, workers with disabilities, researchers, and disability organizations help everyone engage and understand the challenges and opportunities of employer disability practices. 

Employer in wheelchair works with colleagues. Employer best practices to work with people with disabilities. Resources for employers working with people with disabilities.

Learn how to best engage and support your employees and job candidates with disabilities.

Worker with disability using laptop. Resources for workers with disabilities.

Find ways to get amazing job opportunities and learn how turn your disability into an opportunity.

Researcher with disability working at desk with a service dog. Resources for researchers in the disability field.

Study the latest findings on best practices and findings from the fields of disability employment research.

Worker with physical disability instructs colleagues on computer. Resources for disability organizations.

Identify ways to better serve your population with best practices and insights from the field.

Partner Organizations

BBI advances the civic, economic, and social participation of people with disabilities. BBI engages in projects on civil and human rights, entrepreneurship and employment, technology access, and economic empowerment.

The National Organization on Disability (NOD) increases employment opportunities for Americans with disabilities by enabling companies to realize the competitive advantages of hiring people with disabilities.

The Indiana Institute serves as a liaison between academia and the community in Indiana, and its national network addresses issues, finds solutions, and advances research related to the needs of individuals with disabilities and their families.

Person with physical disability at computer

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